Monday, June 29, 2015

Shit or get off the pot.

God says so.



I'm sorry if the picture above ruined your morning. Trust me, not the way I wanted to wake up this morning. It was a harsh reminder that we often turn away from things that make us uncomfortable instead of doing something to change it. Just ask all the people freaking out about Marriage Equality. There is a lot of bitching going on, but not a lot of action to change it. These people were so self righteous that they NEVER thought it would happen. Honestly I never thought it would happen. This entire weekend has changed how I will operate in the world. Instead of being a person of words, I'm going to be a person of action. I'm gonna shit or get off the pot.

You don't like cats? You think the picture above is funny or ok? Delete me immediately from your friends list. You don't like marriage equality? Do us both a favor...stop reading this and delete me. I'm only going to piss you off. And if you don't, the next time you post something ignorant or hateful, I'm deleting you. I don't care if you are my best friend. If you are not against animal cruelty and hate, we ain't friends.

My friends and I do not have to agree on everything. In fact I love a good healthy debate. But those 2 things are non-negotiable, so let's not waste time and energy fighting about them. You will never change my mind and I will never change yours. If you hate gay people and animals, then I encourage you to get off your ass and do something about it. While you are posting ignorant rants on Facebook, i'm getting signatures. Complaining is useless without following through. And you better pray that one of your children doesn't turn out to be gay. It is not a choice. People talk big until it happens to them. Will you choose to love them or hate them? Is your love for your child truly unconditional? Many homosexual teenagers commit suicide because their family turns against them. Instead of supporting and helping them through something that will make the rest of their lives more challenging, they add fuel to the fire. Not able to deal with the shame and guilt that is put on them by society and people who claim to love them, it just seems easier to die. I've been there.

So if vets shooting a foster cat in the head doesn't bother you because you are a dog person, then don't think you are safe. It could be your dog next.

I had a 16 yr old Lhasa llapso dog named Shannon for a good part of my childhood. She was blind and deaf and would get lost when we let her outside. She couldn't find her way back when she was 3 ft away from our house. My parents and I came home from a race one day and a neighborhood kid ran up and told us that our neighbor had taken Shannon down to the lake and held her under water until she died. He then proceeded to toss her into his trash can. Later that week me and my friends unloaded about 10 dozen eggs on his house. We drove by the next day and he was re-painting his garage. My parents knew we did it, but said nothing. Thanks mom and dad! Was it the right way to handle the situation? No... It was not. But it was a teenagers gut reaction to a horrible piece of shit cowardly action.

So no matter what side you stand on, don't be the person who complains but is too lazy to take action. Don't be there person that doesn't take action because you are worried what the people around you think. If you embrace hate... Then wave your hate flag proudly and have the balls to stand up for your beliefs! I unfriended some people on Facebook this week for doing just that. They drew a line in the sand and I proudly jumped over that bitch! I may not agree with their views, but I do respect them for stating them... Kinda. I'll have real respect when I see them doing something about it.

Don't be passive about your views and life. While it may not directly effect you at the moment, it may effect your child, animal or someone you love down the road. Shit or get off the pot.

If you are against cruelty to animals which is now a FELONY, please sign this petition to revoke this vets license today!