Friday, July 25, 2014


One thing in life is certain and that is nothing stays the same…not forever. Nobody is immune or safe. Change scares the HELL out of some people, while others are constantly seeking it out. Neither is completely wrong. As with everything in life, it’s about balance. Safe is safe…until it’s not. If you don’t make the decision to change on your own when something doesn't feel quite right, someone or something will bite you in the ass and make that change for you. Maybe you stay in a bad place because you think it is safe and familiar and the “what if’s” are much more terrifying than your current reality…so you decide to stay. I promise you, that you are not the only one that is feeling uneasy about the situation. Eventually, the universe will rise up and make that change for you.

Maybe you have always wanted to travel, but you never did because you felt you had to save every cent for what “might happen”. Then one day you get hit by a bus and die with a boatload of cash in the bank. You never had the chance to experience the happiness that money you worked so hard for, could bring you.

Don’t be forced into being reactive with your life, be proactive.

That being said, the grass is not always greener. There are people that have beauty and love all around them, and all they can see is what somebody else has. They spend their life comparing themselves to others instead of appreciating what is already within their grasp. There is something to be said for being content with your life. THAT is a beautiful place! I don’t think many of us have been there…we only dream of it. The constant quest for that “place” is the root of great sadness for many people. The desire to keep up with the “Joneses” will ruin the perfection that is right before you.

Most people put their best foot forward. Nobody is posting a photo of a fist hole in a wall after a fight with their spouse on Facebook. Instead what you see is the family photo next to the Christmas tree. Everybody is all happy and perfect…not a care in the world. I can count on one hand…2 fingers to be exact, the people that I have met in my 40 years that have actually lived that life. I’m 99% sure that for the most part, if you think real hard, you will come up with the same result.

So why are we making ourselves miserable in pursuit of what we have been told is perfection? It is good to work for things and strive for a better life, but strive for YOUR OWN best life. Not somebody else’s. One day you may achieve somebody else’s best life and find yourself miserable and then what?

There is a great deal of change happening all around me and to me. Some days, it is downright terrifying. But then there are other days when I imagine the great possibilities that can arise from all this change. There is no reward without risk. Many people immediately go to the worst case scenario during these times of change. You can’t live your life putting the cart before the horse wondering what if??? Living constantly in the state of fear and for some, panic, thinking about what MIGHT happen. Maybe think about what amazing things COULD happen instead. Don’t be such a fucking Debbie Downer all the time!

The best advice I would give anyone is to live your true life. Do what makes you happy because nothing amazing ever happened by playing it safe. Embrace change, don’t fear it. If you died tomorrow, would you look back on your life and think, I wouldn't change a thing? I don’t think anybody would. We have all made mistakes. A wise man told me once, it’s ok to make mistakes as long as you learn from them and don’t make them again. Well, I personally have made the same mistake more than once, but I promise you this, I will never make the same mistake again. I still don’t regret a thing. I learned some valuable life lessons through it all. The only thing I will regret are the chances I didn't take.

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