Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Re: Loyalty, Love, Lies and Betrayal

This is I dunno...not really a blog...more of a blurb. A letter to somebody...a friend... Who liked my last blog on Loyalty, Love, Lies and Betrayal....seemed like I should share it...

Glad you liked the blog. It's seems as though my people filter is getting stronger in some areas but weaker in others...in the best possible ways. Writing this blog has opened me up to new possibilities and has also made me listen to my own advice. Getting rid of the bad people in my life feels a lot like purging before a move from a big house into a small apartment. You only keep the really important things that matter and get rid of all the filler that just clutters your house and life...feels good and clean. You think about all those old clothes and things you just couldn't stand to part with. And then once they are gone, you realize not a day goes by that you wished you hadn't gotten rid of them...and then you think...why didn't I do that sooner? And then you vow to never let your house get cluttered like that again....and then piece by piece...that unwanted stuff starts creeping back into your house and life. Don't let it happen. Stay strong. Quality over quantity forever!

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