Thursday, June 20, 2013

Top 3 things I fear most on my scooter

And now....

Top 3 things I fear most on my scooter

1. Squirrels

My tire is 4 inches wide... Don't know why they feel the need to play chicken with it. One or both of us are gonna die soon. I have been t-boned by one of those little bastards while running in the past ... Refer back to my post of "Top 5 reasons to run indoors". I think the squirrel mob has a contract on my life.

2. Leaf Blowers

While the sandblasting/exfoliating effects are nice for my skin. I can't breathe and all that shit gets in my eyes... It's just plain rude! I may need to move to a city where there are no trees or grass... Cuz lawn mowers suck too!

3. Banana Peels
I slipped on one while walking once. My feet actually flew over my head. I figure the result on my scooter would be the same.

The end.

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